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Dr. Rob Winningham and Activity Connection have partnered to create a valuable resource that contains over 200 pages of targeted brain stimulation exercises, pre- and post-tests to measure cognitive functioning, and information about how to maximize brain health in older adulthood. Click here to learn more about the workbooks or order them.

Closed CE courses, webinars, community presentations, and resident presentations can be scheduled. There are many topics to choose from and they can be customized to meet unique goals or needs. Contact Dr. Rob Winningham via email at to learn more.

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5 Things People Need to Know About Multitasking and the Brain

Most people have heard that multitasking is bad for concentration and increases the likelihood of making mistakes. But if we know we make more mistakes when we multitask, why do we still do it? Why do some people proudly report they are good multitaskers? Maybe we like multitasking because it activates the reward centers in […]

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Are Dementia Rates Rising? Maybe not…

You may have seen fear inducing headlines such as: CBS News: Dementia cases worldwide to triple by 2050 The Guardian: Middle-age obesity will lead to a surge in dementia case BBC New: Experts Predict Dementia Epidemic While it is true that the overall number of dementia cases will increase in the United States and elsewhere in the coming years, that […]

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Apps for Cognitive Stimulation

There are many apps that are now available that can be used to provide cognitive stimulation. This development is a real game-changer in the brain health industry. Almost anyone with access to a tablet or a smartphone can now download high quality brain exercise and cognitive stimulation apps. In November, 2013 I gave a presentation […]

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Is Alcohol Good or Bad for Our Brains and Memory?

Click here to view Are Dementia Rate Rising? Maybe not… Is Alcohol Good or Bad for Our Brains and Memory? By Dr. Rob Winningham, Ph.D. Is alcohol good or bad for our brains and memory? It depends. It largely depends on how much one drinks, genetics, and maybe even gender. There is evidence that one […]

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Improve Your Sleep and Improve Your Brain

Enhancing Brain Health – Sleep and Memory  By Dr. Rob Winningham Approximately 50% of older adults suffer from sleep problems or insomnia, and this can negatively affect their memory ability, quality of life, and mood. In a 2007 study, researchers found that if people miss just one night of sleep, their ability and likelihood of […]

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GERO 407 Cognitive Rehab Students Create Cognitively Stimulating Activities

Cognitive Stimulation Ideas from GERO 407 Cognitive Rehabilitation Students at Western Oregon University. GERO 407 – Cognitive Rehabilitation students did an assignment in which they described a cognitively stimulating activity and tried to develop a resource that could be immediately useful for an activity director, life engagement director, occupational therapist, speech therapist, recreation therapist, or someone […]

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Crossword Puzzles Are Not as Good As Sudoku Puzzles for Exercising the Brain

Crossword Puzzles Are Not as Good As Sudoku Puzzles for Exercising the Brain By Dr. Rob Winningham Crossword puzzles, one of the most commonly recognized cognitive stimulation activities, are not actually helping people maximize their memory and attention abilities very much (of course they are not hurting either). Many people are surprised by the assertion that […]

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Maximizing Memory Ability in Older Adulthood

Maximizing Memory Ability in Older Adulthood Dr. Rob Winningham Maximizing one’s memory ability in middle and older adulthood requires a multifaceted approach. This short article summarizes recent research showing how we can maximize our memory ability. Any one suggestion won’t have a huge impact, but all together they could have a very significant effect on […]

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Cognitive Training Works and Has Long Lasting Benefits

Another study, published in the January 2014 issue of Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has demonstrated that not only does cognitive stimulation work, but the effects can persist for many years. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of programs and ways that people can get access to high quality cognitive stimulation programs and resources. […]

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New Report: Travel is Good for Psychological and Physical Health

This is an interesting report showing travel is good for our health. This makes sense as travel engages us cognitively as we navigate a new environment, learn new things, and have new experiences. Travel often leads to increased physical exercise as we often spend more time walking and being outdoors, which is always good for […]

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