Apps for Cognitive Stimulation

There are many apps that are now available that can be used to provide cognitive stimulation. This development is a real game-changer in the brain health industry. Almost anyone with access to a tablet or a smartphone can now download high quality brain exercise and cognitive stimulation apps. In November, 2013 I gave a presentation on this topic at the International Council of Active Aging’s Annual Conference in San Diego, CA. You can download the ICAA Powerpoint File I used in the presentation (contains slides used in classes to teach people how to use the apps) or the pdf version of the presentation.

Here are the cognitive stimulation apps I recommend:

1. Fit Brains
2. Lumosity
3. Tetris
4. Sudoku2
5. Memory Block (like the electronic game Simon)
6. Stroop Effect
7. Visual Attention
8. Brain Lab
9. Word Search+
10. Word Jigsaw
11. Brain Challenge
12. Chain of Thought
13. This is to That
14. Watch That!
16. Peak
17. 1010!
18. Elevate
19. Free Flow
20. Rush Hour
21. Unlock Me
Do you know of any apps that would be appropriate for brain or cognitive exercise? If so, please share them here.

10 thoughts on “Apps for Cognitive Stimulation

  1. Administrator Post author

    Here is an app called Brain Challenge. Check out this youtube video that describes its basic features.

  2. Michael

    A few of my favorites:

    1. Magic Piano – A music app that teaches songs on the piano by prompting users to tap the screen at the appropriate location. It’s like Guitar Hero for your iPad.

    2. Duolingo – The best app for learning foreign languages. It guides users through activities based on skill level.

    3. Scramble with Friends – Boggle game that you play against friends. My favorite!

    4. Unblock Me – Puzzle game in which you must maneuver blocks so you can slide the red block off the screen.

    5. Flow Free – Puzzle game in which you must connect various pairs of colored dots with overlapping or intersecting colors. This game is very easy to adjust for various skill levels.

  3. Michael

    For caregivers or enrichment staff looking to help seniors get connected, provides free iPad training resources specifically designed for senior adopters.

  4. Administrator Post author

    This is a fun brain game app called Chain of Thought. Here is a short video that shows how to play.

  5. Administrator Post author

    THIS IS TO THAT is a fun game. It does feel a little like studying for an SAT exam but it is certainly a good word fluency activity.

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