Certified Cognitive Stimulation Program

Please click HERE to view a three-minute video featuring Dr. Winningham discussing the courses.


Our Certified Cognitive Stimulation Program includes 8 DVD trainings and 8 online tests to demonstrate proficiency. Thousands of professionals have completed a similar certification that was delivered live and the response so overwhelmingly positive. So, Dr. Winningham partnered with activityconnection.com to bring this valuable course that can change your residents and patients lives.

The training videos will teach professionals how to:

-Maximize residents’ memory ability

-Decrease residents’ chance of developing dementia

-Improve social support and engagement in the community

-Take advantage of physical exercise program to maximize memory ability

-Motivate residents to engage in activities and programming

-Overcome the effects of depression and apathy in residents

-Manage challenging behaviors in people who have cognitive impairment

Many, many other topics that will dramatically increase the ability of staff to maximize residents’ quality of life will be covered in the videos. This is the training that staff wants and needs!

  • Train Your Brain: How we can maintain and even improve our memories – This video is intended for viewing by your residents.
  • Eight instructional videos for activity and other health care professionals.

After viewing each of the eight instructional videos, health care professionals will be able to take an online test at their own pace.  After each test is completed and passed, a certificate of completion will be issued.  After all eight tests are successfully completed; a “Certified Cognitive Stimulation Instructor” diploma will be awarded. Thousands of professionals have completed a similar certification course taught by Dr. Winningham and most report it was the most valuable training they have ever experienced.

To purchase the courses, click HERE or go to the Activity Connection homepage and click on the Activity Basket icon at the top of the page and then click the “Cognitive Stimulation” link.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to enhance your professional knowledge and skills as well as adding to your body of work and resume.


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