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Dr. Rob Winningham has 20 years of experience researching applied memory issues and for the past 16 years has conducted research on older adults and ways to enhance their mental functioning and quality of life. He has developed novel approaches to maximize the efficacy of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Most recently, he has been helping developers create video games and interactive activities specifically designed to enhance cognition. He creates monthly brain stimulation activities for thousands of retirement communities as a part of Dr. Rob’s Cranium Crunches on He is a full Professor and Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Division at Western Oregon University (WOU) where he manages both the Psychology and Gerontology Departments. Dr. Winningham received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Baylor University. In addition to publishing many peer-reviewed articles in the area of human memory, Dr. Winningham makes frequent television and radio appearances and has given well over 600 invited presentations about memory and aging at various conferences and workshops. His book Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory Ability in Older Adulthood was recently published by Baywood Publishing. For more information go to:


Seminar and Conference Attendee Comments

  • I want to say THANK YOU for such a great seminar!  All the information that you presented was relevant, valuable and useful.  The BEST part was that I could immediately put it into practice with my patients. Speech Therapist Tampa, FL
  • He was wonderful, pleasant, so informative and shared so much – one of the best talks I have been to in 35 years. Orlando, FL
  •  “Excellent speaker! I left excited and wishing the session could have been longer.” Bend, OR
  • “Dr. Winningham is an excellent presenter and has outstanding knowledge.” Forth Worth, TX Physical Therapist
  • “I wish all of my colleagues could’ve been here to learn.” Occupational Therapist San Jose, CA
  • “Best presentation I have been to in 8 years” Little Rock, AR Gerontologist
  • “Best program I have heard at any conference” Little Rock, AR Gerontologist
  • “This is the best class I attended. Very good speaker with very useful ideas” Eugene, OR ALF Executive Director
  • “Very engaging, he brought humor and interaction with his presentation.” Portland, OR Memory Care Specialist
  • “Outstanding presentation. Truly an exceptional presenter” Gerontologist, Sitka, AK
  • “I will apply much of what I learned to our activities program” Activities Director, AK
  • “The speaker’s approach, style and content were excellent.” ALF Executive Director Sacramento, CA
  • One of the best speakers I have ever heard – phenomenal. Orlando, FL