Ted Talks for Older Adults (and anyone who is curious)

Ted Talks for Older Adults (and anyone who is curious)

Curated By Dr. Rob Winningham

There are many ways to get cognitive stimulation and exercise. While I am a proponent of Tedcognitive exercises that target specific cognitive abilities, such as executive function (e.g., attention, inhibition, problem solving, etc.) or spatial reasoning, it is also a good idea to stay curious and continue to learn about new things. In the past, I have suggested that Ted Talks could be incorporated into either individual’s efforts to get mental exercise or group programming. Recently, I was asked to curate a list of Ted Talks that I would recommend. There are countless more Ted Talks that could be added to this list, but for what it is worth here’s my list:

  1. Older People are Happier by Laura Carstensen


  1. Life’s Third Act by Jane Fonda


  1. The New Era of Positive Psychology by Martin Seligman


  1. How to Live to Be 100 (Blue Zones) by Dan Buettner


  1. Having the Sex Talk with Dad by Elaine Sanchez


  1. The Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon by Bob Mankoff


  1. The Surprising Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert


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