Robert Winningham

Dr. Rob Winningham has 20 years of experience researching applied memory issues and for the past 16 years has conducted research on older adults and ways to enhance their mental functioning and quality of life. He has developed novel approaches to maximize the efficacy of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Most recently, he has been helping Linked Senior create video games and interactive activities specifically designed to enhance cognition. He creates monthly brain stimulation activities for thousands of retirement communities as a part of Dr. Rob’s Cranium Crunches on He is a full Professor and Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Division at Western Oregon University (WOU) where he manages both the Psychology and Gerontology Departments. Before beginning at WOU, Dr. Winningham received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Baylor University. In addition to publishing many peer-reviewed articles in the area of human memory, Dr. Winningham makes frequent television and radio appearances and has given well over 600 invited presentations about memory and aging at various conferences and workshops. His book Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory Ability in Older Adulthood was recently published by Baywood Publishing. For more information go to:

Personal History

I was born in Seattle, WA and raised in the area. After high school I went to Western Washington University and majored in psychology. I had some wonderful mentors while working toward bachelor and master degrees at WWU; I am forever grateful to Dr. Ira Hyman, Dr. Dale Dinnel, and Dr. Merle Prim for their support and guidance. I worked in  Dr. Hyman’s lab and began my career as a memory researcher. It was an exciting time as the field of psychology was in the middle of the false memory debate and we successfully implanted false memories into undergraduates. I frequently think about my former professors in my role as a professor at Western Oregon University. In 1996, I went to Baylor University to study psychology and neuroscience and was awarded a Ph.D. in 2000. Once again, I was fortunate to have a wonderful mentor, Dr. Charles Weaver. I was happy to get back to the west coast and be close to my family after graduating from Baylor. I now live in Monmouth, OR with my wonderful wife, Camila, and our two young children, one dog, three cats, and one fish. We enjoy being outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, traveling (especially to Disneyland) and spending time with friends and family.

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Neuroscience 1996 – 2000
Neuroscience, 2000 1996 – 2000
Psychology 1994 – 1996
General Psychology 1988 – 1996
Psychology; human development 1988 – 1996
Psychology 1988 – 1994

work experience

Professor, Chair of Psychology & Gerontology 2010-8 today
Teach classes in Psychology and Gerontology. Manage both the Psychology and Gerontology Departments
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Associate Professor 2005-1 2010-
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Assistant Professor 2000-9 2005-1
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Co-Director, Geriatric Wellness Center 2004-1 today
Develop novel approaches to physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Offer continuing education courses for professionals.
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Adjunct Faculty Member 1997-6 2000-8
Taught General Psychology and Human Growth & Development.
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Dr. Winningham has a winning personality! He practices the principals of positive psychology and management and is consistently able to provide supportive direction toward change. He views life and work as a process of life-long learning and presents this view in a contagious manner. He is extremely knowledgeable while being very approachable. His views on constructive development allow him to orchestrate change to organizations and influence management in a seamless manner. Any organization would be very fortunate to have Dr. Winningham as a employee, consultant, trainer, or public speaker.Clare Steffen, Psychologist

I highly recommend Dr. Robert Winningham. Dr. Winningham was my professor in two courses, and later a colleague at Western Oregon University. During my time as Dr. Winningham’s student, I was challenged to think differently about my learning style and, as a result, learned more in his two courses than I had in most other studies combined. Dr. Winningham is highly intelligent, enthusiastic, and humorous. His passion for his research is contagious. As a colleague, Dr. Winningham empowered me to step into a leadership role within the community. His encouragement and professionalism helped shape my leadership style. I am grateful to Dr. Winningham for encouraging me to think, really think, about the world in which we all live.Tammy McCammon

Dr Winningham is an incredible teacher, vibrant speaker and strong advocate for seniors. I met Dr Winningham while I served as board chair at Thelma’s Place, where in addition to his role at WOU; he volunteered hours, materials and consult time to support our fledgling organization as we sought to increase awareness of dementia and older adults. He presented to both senior health care workers and seniors for Thelma’s Place. Each audience is appreciative of the materials and his dynamic presentation style. Our feedback is always 100% positive at classes he facilitates for us, covering a wide range of materials and topics.Meredyth Crofton