• How can we schedule Dr. Winningham to do a presentation or seminar in our community or for our company?

Email Dr. Winningham at rob.winningham@gmail.com to inquire about presentations or seminars. There are many cutting edge presentations available for a variety of professionals as well as the public.

  • Who can benefit from the above seminars and certification program?

Many of Dr. Winningham’s presentations are designed for healthcare professionals (e.g., OTs, SLPs, PTs, and nurses) but he also has some of the best training available for retirement community staff. The Certified Cognitive Stimulation Instructor Program is a powerful tool to help staff maximize resident and patient memory ability and quality of life. All of the trainings are empirically based with very recent scientific evidence infused throughout the pragmatic interventions.

  • Is Dr. Winningham available for conference calls or webinars?

Yes, email him at rob.winningham@gmail.com to inquire about setting up a conference call for staff members or a webinar.

  • ¬†How can I get a copy of Dr. Winningham’s book Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory Ability in Older Adulthood

Can I listen to a presentation on the web?

  • Yes click HERE to listen to a webinar Dr. Winningham did with two colleagues for American Society of Aging. Sponsored by MetLife.

Go to the Train Your Brain Page at amazom.com